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Foster Program for Wheaten Terriers

(Mooresville, NC Area Only)

We occasionally place a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier puppy with a local family.  The puppy lives with the family for its lifetime.  When the puppy reaches about two years of age, she is bred.   About one week before delivery, the dam comes to live with our family.  She is treated as a family member and has her litter of puppies in our bedroom.  After weaning the puppies at six weeks of age, the dam is returned to her family.  We have a litter of puppies annually for three years and then spay the dog.  At that point, we give the title and AKC paperwork to the host family.

Our Wheatens are very precious to us and we carefully interview and visit the home of any potential foster family.  We do require that you have a fenced in yard for the safety of the puppy.  We are looking for homes that offer lots of love, companionship, and gentle discipline.

Contact Ali for additional information if you are interested.



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Copyright 2008      Ali Doodles Whoodles    All Rights Reserved